DIS offers its revolutionary quote engine … FREE to interested producers!

What is the DIS quote engine?

When a prospective client clicks the link (from your e-mail signature, website or computer assisted marketing), an automated quote process is launched as follows: 

  1. The client is sent to an online quote generation form.
  2. The form does not contain any DIS branding, so it appears to be part of your website.
  3. You receive an instant message informing you of the quote request.
  4. The quote request is simultaneously sent directly to DIS under your name and broker ID.
  5. We immediately prepare the quote and route it to you within 24 hours, so you can present it to your client.

Installation is fast, easy and free, so don’t wait another day to rev up your DI Sales!

Complete the form to the right to request your free quote engine and boost your DI quotes!