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Paycheck Protection: Tune in for today's episode of ALL MY PAYCHECKS

Posted by Dan Steenerson on Tue, May 1, 2012 @ 15:05 PM

Brokers: Got two minutes? Tune in for today's episode of ALL MY PAYCHECKS, starring supermodel Dominique and her scorned love, PAYCHECK. Share this funny clip with your clients and teach them to AVOID THE DRAMA by treating their paychecks right.


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White-collar professionals: This is the most lucrative DI market, with an average premium of $4,500, double the industry’s average premium of $2,200. This group includes doctors, dentists, attorneys, hospitals, medical schools and other professionals. Help them show their paychecks the love and attention they deserve!

Business owners: Many in this audience earn very high incomes and do not have access to group insurance, leaving their paychecks horribly neglected. This group is known for leaving a trail of broken-hearted paychecks. Help your business owner clients change their ways and discover lasting paycheck love.

Executives: The corporate executive group can be too busy to remember their loving, supportive paychecks. Help them protect their paychecks and their employees' paychecks by proposing an interesting opportunity. If you can find a way to insure three or more lives (three executives or an executive with two employees), you can offer significant discounts, up to 47 percent for females and 10 percent for males.  Ooh la la - talk about match made in heaven!

Employees – Another market approach is to offer employee-paid, voluntary DI benefits as a supplement to employer-paid group benefits. If you choose to focus on this niche, make sure to explore Multi-Life Voluntary Guaranteed Simplified Issue (GSI) plans. With three or more lives you can offer significant discounts, and with five or more lives you can offer GSI underwriting so no one is declined. Say goodbye to hurt feelings and hello to happy paychecks.


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