Welcome to Disability Insurance Services (DIS).

We’re so glad you’re here. Our goal is to provide income protection for all working Americans and business owners. We’re achieving this ambitious goal by partnering with insurance producers and managing agencies across the nation.

DIS was founded in 1997 by our President and CEO, Dan Steenerson. After working for several years in the disability insurance industry, Dan was compelled to create an organization to blaze an easier trail for the nation’s producers. Dan envisioned a place that provided producers access to all major markets, along with the selling, technology and educational tools needed to achieve standout results.

Years later, the DIS dream has become a reality. In 2010, the company surpassed its benchmark of 500,000 disability insurance cases. In 2011, its “DI Revolution” Roadshow reached over 25,000 producers. Currently, the company continues to blast past previous sales records. In addition, DIS has been repeatedly honored over the years for industry leadership by many of the nation’s top carriers.

Today, DIS is the fastest growing and most recognized force for premier disability products. Dan attributes his company’s success to a five-part formula: working with relentless urgency; respecting and appreciating team members; hiring the best talent; continually reinventing; and requiring impeccable attention to detail.