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“DIflateGate” - An Income Protection Conversation Opportunity


Super Bowl XLIX approaches with a dark cloud overhead that threatens the sanctity of our nation’s greatest sporting event. Every major news network over the weekend chose to lead with “DIflateGate” over other significant breaking news across the globe.

4 Rules for Marketing Disability Insurance to Millennials

marketing disability insurance

Last week we boldly stated, “Millennials are the future of your practice.” This week, we’re sharing four rules for marketing disability insurance to millennials. Use these tips to create a messaging strategy that resonates with your future client base.

Insurance Selling: Three Gifts to Share This Holiday Season

insurance selling

The holidays bring out the best in all of us. When we interrupt our lives to give, socialize, and celebrate, a funny thing happens. We become more sentimental and more grateful for our everyday blessings – such as good health, a loving spouse, and spirited grandchildren. However, the holidays don’t always bring out the best in our insurance sales results. Many insurance agents have been tempted to relax efforts amidst all the joy. After all, no one wants to buy (or sell) insurance during the holidays – right?

Hot Dogs and Disability Insurance: How to Be Open for Business

disability insurance

There was a man who lived by the side of the road and sold hot dogs.
He was hard of hearing so he had no radio and he had trouble with his eyes so he read no newspapers.
But he sold good hot dogs.
He put up signs on the highway telling how good they were.
He stood on the side of the road and cried, "Buy a hot dog, Mister?" And people bought.

He increased his meat and bun orders. He bought a bigger stove to take care of his trade.
He finally got his son home from college to help him.

But then something happened.
His son said, "Father, haven't you been listening to the radio?
Haven't you been reading the newspapers?
There's going to be a big depression.

Whereupon his father thought, "Well, my son's been to college,
He reads the papers and he listens to the radio and he ought to know."

So the father cut down on his meat and bun orders, took down his advertising signs,
And no longer bothered to stand out on the highway to sell his hot dogs.

And his hot dog sales fell almost overnight.
"You’re right, son," the father said to the boy. "We certainly are in the middle of a great depression."

-Author Unknown

Disability Insurance: Not Just for the Affluent Market


Until recently, disability insurance market was mainly targeted toward affluent households, those with annual earnings of more than $100,000 and those with specialized or highly skilled occupations like physicians, dentists, and attorneys. Throughout the years, products and benefits, pricing and affordability, and the marketing and sales approach have been geared to suit the affluent market.

DI Sales Proven Easy


“Disability Insurance is a hard sale!”

The WHY and HOW of marketing paycheck protection to women


We all remember the 90s classic, “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.” Written by American author and relationship counselor John Gray, its central thesis is that the most common relationship problems between men and women are the result of fundamental psychological differences and the distinct way each gender responds to situations.

Life doesn’t end at 62 – neither should asset protection


As a disability insurance broker, you’ve done a great job of protecting your clients with income protection during their working years. But what about after retirement? Have you talked to them about how to protect their assets beyond the working years?

Is your income protection up to date?


“I have income protection!”

“My work provides coverage!”

“I bought that years ago!”


Government Shutdowns: Are We Trusting in Instability?


The accident happened.

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