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Disability Insurance: Not Just for the Affluent Market


Until recently, disability insurance market was mainly targeted toward affluent households, those with annual earnings of more than $100,000 and those with specialized or highly skilled occupations like physicians, dentists, and attorneys. Throughout the years, products and benefits, pricing and affordability, and the marketing and sales approach have been geared to suit the affluent market.

DI Sales Proven Easy


“Disability Insurance is a hard sale!”

The WHY and HOW of marketing paycheck protection to women


We all remember the 90s classic, “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.” Written by American author and relationship counselor John Gray, its central thesis is that the most common relationship problems between men and women are the result of fundamental psychological differences and the distinct way each gender responds to situations.

Life doesn’t end at 62 – neither should asset protection


As a disability insurance broker, you’ve done a great job of protecting your clients with income protection during their working years. But what about after retirement? Have you talked to them about how to protect their assets beyond the working years?

Is your income protection up to date?


“I have income protection!”

“My work provides coverage!”

“I bought that years ago!”


Government Shutdowns: Are We Trusting in Instability?


The accident happened.

131 years since the first Labor Day, paycheck protection remains vital


They’re a vital force that has contributed to the highest standard of living and the greatest production the world has ever known. They’ve tirelessly championed our traditional ideals of economic and political democracy. And they’re the source of much of our nation’s strength, prosperity, and freedom.

Market Trends That May Impact Your Life and Disability Sales


With the back to school season, many of you are getting back to work as well – exploring opportunities to make one final push to finish 2013 strong. With a still-shaky economy, stricter regulations, and evolving consumer expectations, it seems that change is the only constant in the insurance industry. If you’re selling life and/or disability insurance, here are four trends to keep on your radar:

Do Your Business Clients Need Key Person Disability Insurance?


Key people are employees who contribute a large percentage of an organization’s sales, growth, and consequently, income. But what if an unexpected injury or illness was to disable one of these key employees? Waiting for the employee to recover or finding a suitable replacement could take quite some time.

Prospecting Stalled? Build Alliances to Jumpstart DI Sales.


Have you ever come back from a sales seminar, class, or professional convention so inspired that you couldn’t wait to pick up the phone, fill your appointment schedule and break every previous DI sales record?

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