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Live from DIS, it’s Disability Insurance!


For many years, I have enjoyed watching Saturday Night Live and I was very excited, and slightly surprised, that the program just celebrated its 40th anniversary.  Saturday evenings were when I would struggle with sleepiness to stay awake long enough to watch the show and have some laughs.  And SNL was certainly one of the first programs I entered into my digital video recorder.  This television program has had an incredibly successful run, hence the recently aired SNL 40th Anniversary special, but it also had its share of some difficult years.  I give a lot of credit to Lorne Michaels, (producer), who has believed in and stuck with SNL for the long haul.  By not resting on his laurels, and enduring the difficult times and working hard, Lorne, NBC, and the various SNL cast members have created a very successful television legacy.

Three Networking Secrets to Build Disability Insurance Sales


Earlier this month we made the distinction between prospecting and networking. Prospecting could be described as making a connection for the purpose of making a sale. Authentic networking takes a long-term view, nurturing a network connection into a professional relationship. The objective is to develop, over time, your network of social and business contacts into relationships that may lead to a sale. If authentic networking fits the way you do business, you may want to review Networking + Prospecting = Insurance Leads.

Case in Point: Why 3 Disability Insurance Prospects Decided to Buy


Developing rapport and listening are two skill sets successful brokers utilize in their daily operations. Understanding their clients’ income protection needs helps to strengthen the bond and prioritize the unique policy provisions offered through our various carriers.

Networking + Prospecting = Insurance Leads


You’ve got some ambitious goals for disability insurance. Our article, How to Foolproof your DI Production in Four Easy Steps offered some ideas about identifying current clients most likely to need disability insurance. Let’s expand that lead pool by prospecting for new clients.

How to Foolproof Your DI Production Plans in Four Easy Steps


It’s already February. Are your goals 1/12 of the way completed? If you’re like many people, January zoomed by with a blur. However, it’s not too late to achieve your planned results. Follow these three steps to ensure you reach your goals.

Disability Insurance Sales Undermined by Two Misperceptions

disability insurance sales

A few years ago the Council for Disability Awareness (CDA), published the CDA 2011 Advisor Disability Awareness Study to exposing the gaps between reality and assumptions of disability insurance by both consumers and advisors.

Disability Insurance Numbers Reveal Goldmine for Insurance Producers

Disability Insurance

There’s gold in them thar’ numbers!

Football Lessons to Power Your Disability Insurance Game Plan

disability insurance

Football is a game I grew up with that my family and friends enjoyed watching.  More importantly, we would lovingly brag and tease each other on the outcome of our favorite team’s performance from the previous week. However, even at a young age, I remember seeing careers end after a play went bad or a brutal hit was sustained.  Football players on average tend to have fairly short playing careers, usually ranging from three to six years. 

Horror! Disability insurance marketer confesses to never trick or treating!

disability insurance

I’m Kelly, a 26 year old disability insurance marketer, and I have a confession to make.  I’ve never been trick-or-treating. 

Win More Disability Insurance Customers the Platinum Way

Disability Insurance

This article first appeared in the October 2012 edition of Health Insurance Underwriter magazine on page 33.

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