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LTCI and the Kansas City Royals: What Dreams Are Made Of


Don’t think long-term care insurance has anything to do with making it the World Series? Think again. Here are 10 ways that your long-term care insurance sales journey resembles that of World Series contenders, Kansas City Royals.

Selling Disability Insurance? Use the DISABILITY Acronym

Disability Insurance

How do you get your client to understand their disability risk? Engage your client in a disability insurance conversation by using the ABCs of disability insurance.

Win More Disability Insurance Customers the Platinum Way

Disability Insurance

This article first appeared in the October 2012 edition of Health Insurance Underwriter magazine on page 33.

Play ball with Disability Insurance!

Disability Insurance

Through the years, I have enjoyed watching baseball and following the careers of my favorite players.  Baseball players’ careers include dramatic successes and failures, the possibility of becoming injured or sick and, of course, retirement after short or long careers.  With this year’s regular season ending and the post season just beginning, I am reminded that even future hall of fame baseball players are still employees who receive paychecks.  However, the majority of today’s workforce does not have the resources, agents and financial advisement that elite professional baseball players obtain during their careers.  So, this is just another reason why it is necessary for insurance professionals to explain to their clients the importance of Disability Insurance and other crucial insurance products.

Disability Insurance Contracting Q&A with our Contracting Specialist


Contracting is one of the least talked about processes in the world of disability insurance, yet it’s quite arguably the most important part of a DI contract—at least for the agent.  I sat down with our resident contracting specialist to find the answers to our agents’ most commonly asked questions.

K: Why do we need contracting?

Your Disability Insurance Swiss Army Knife: 7 Essentials

Disability Insurance

If you own a Swiss Army knife, you know it’s an all-in-one, get-everything-done contraption. It also has adapted over the years with changing times. Back during WWII, soldiers could use the tool to do everything from opening food tins to cleaning their weapons. Since then, the Swiss Army knife has changed with the times by adding new tools like a USB flash drive and MP3 player.

Achieve disability insurance success with 3 customer cultivation strategies


This article first appeared in the January edition of Health Insurance Underwriter magazine.

Disability Insurance: Not Just for the Affluent Market


Until recently, disability insurance market was mainly targeted toward affluent households, those with annual earnings of more than $100,000 and those with specialized or highly skilled occupations like physicians, dentists, and attorneys. Throughout the years, products and benefits, pricing and affordability, and the marketing and sales approach have been geared to suit the affluent market.

Infographic: Why You Need Disability Insurance


Insurance agents
Share this insightful new infographic with your clients to educate them about the risk of disability and the need for paycheck protection. Also, use the embed code below to add this infographic to your website.

Consumers –
Check out the facts, and don't wait another day to secure adequate paycheck protection. Getting disability insurance is one decision you’ll never regret! Request a quote today!

(Click infographic to enlarge as pdf)

Disability insurance in action: When a stroke silenced an insurance producer


What tool is the MOST IMPORTANT to your success as an insurance producer?

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