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LTCi conversation starter: Changes to 2015 tax deduction rules


Congress took initial steps to making long-term care insurance more attractive to individuals with the enactment of HIPAA Act of 1996, when tax-qualified long-term care policies were defined.

Football Lessons to Power Your Disability Insurance Game Plan

disability insurance

Football is a game I grew up with that my family and friends enjoyed watching.  More importantly, we would lovingly brag and tease each other on the outcome of our favorite team’s performance from the previous week. However, even at a young age, I remember seeing careers end after a play went bad or a brutal hit was sustained.  Football players on average tend to have fairly short playing careers, usually ranging from three to six years. 

Why Disability Insurance Policy Language Matters: The Catastrophic Rider

disability insurance policy language

The catastrophic rider is an option with most disability insurance carriers, but many insurance producers are unsure of how it actually works. The intention of the rider is to pay out additional benefits in the event of a catastrophic type disability with the assumption that there are increased costs and additional expenses in that type of situation. Most have the requirement that the insured can no longer perform two of the five activities of daily living without assistance such as bathing, continence, dressing, eating, toileting and transferring. And it should be no surprise by now that each carrier has their very own spin on how this rider should work. 

4 Rules for Marketing Disability Insurance to Millennials

marketing disability insurance

Last week we boldly stated, “Millennials are the future of your practice.” This week, we’re sharing four rules for marketing disability insurance to millennials. Use these tips to create a messaging strategy that resonates with your future client base.

Wondering How to Use Social Media for Insurance Marketing?

social media for insurance

Insurance producers – would you do us a favor? Please tell us what you need to know to supercharge your social media marketing in 2015 by taking our short survey.

Your Next Disability Insurance Target Market: Millennials

marketing disability insurance to millennials

For years, the 77 million-strong baby boomer generation was the primary focus for consumer marketing. However, the financial products that are appealing to baby boomers are more focused on distribution of their assets rather than accumulation and protection.

How a producer generated 33 disability insurance quotes in 3.5 hrs.


Learn how to Create A DI Quote Feeding Frenzy in Just One Week!

The all too common sales scenario: A DI producer needed an inexpensive way to market to 1,100 physicians. She already had the email list, but she had struggled to find time to figure out a marketing plan of action.

Insurance Selling: Three Gifts to Share This Holiday Season

insurance selling

The holidays bring out the best in all of us. When we interrupt our lives to give, socialize, and celebrate, a funny thing happens. We become more sentimental and more grateful for our everyday blessings – such as good health, a loving spouse, and spirited grandchildren. However, the holidays don’t always bring out the best in our insurance sales results. Many insurance agents have been tempted to relax efforts amidst all the joy. After all, no one wants to buy (or sell) insurance during the holidays – right?

7 Affordable Ways to Pay for Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance

How often do you hear your clients dismiss long-term care insurance because they believe they cannot afford it? It is one of the most common objections, and one with several alternatives you can discuss with your client.

Emerging Disability Insurance Market

disability insurance market

Insurance producers and financial advisors: Did you know that local community banks and credit unions are a great resource for disability insurance referrals?  Both are helping to reverse the decline of small business loans issued over the last decade.  As lending institutions continue to tighten their internal risk assessment reviews, small businesses face greater adversity in securing loans to grow their business.

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